Personalized Anne of Green Gables

Classic Book By You takes you all the way back to 19th century Prince Edward Island with your own personalized edition of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables.

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When freckled young orphan Anne Shirley is sent to live at the Cuthbert farm, she's shocked to realize Matthew and Marilla, the elderly brother and sister who live there, actually requested a boy. Luckily, it doesn't take long for the redhead to endear herself to the pair, who've spent decades living alone and must adjust to life with an eleven-year-old. Once Anne's living situation is finally determined and made permanent, the adventurous and hyper-romantic little girl must struggle with the newfound structure that having a family entails, from religion, friends and school to proper etiquette. Will she be able to grow and mature into a levelheaded young woman, or will she make Marilla Cuthbert regret ever having adopted her?

The reader follows Anne closely as she grows up over the course of 38 heartwarming chapters full of family, friendship, love and life lessons. See the consequences of Anne's many amusing mistakes, including accidentally getting her best friend drunk on raspberry cordial, convincing herself that the woods out back are haunted by spirits, and getting caught up in an academic rivalry with the handsome and charming Gilbert Blythe.

Step into the role of Anne in this Canadian classic, perfect for all ages, and cast your friends and family in a slew of different supporting roles! With this personalized edition of Anne of Green Gables, you'll head to 1870s Prince Edward Island in what is sure to be an unforgettable trip.

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What do we personalize in Anne of Green Gables?
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Anne Shirley - An orphan adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert is sent to live with the Cuthbert's on their farm, Green Gables. Anne is passionate, stubborn and very intelligent. She is a consummate dreamer with a limitless imagination.

Matthew Cuthbert - An aging bachelor who adopts Anne with his sister, Marilla. Very shy and quiet, but he gets along well with Anne, who considers him a confidante.

Marilla Cuthbert - A prim and proper spinster who lives with her brother at Green Gables. Though she comes across as cold and uncaring, she has a dry sense of humor and loves Anne very much.

Diana Barry - A pretty girl who becomes Anne's best friend. Though she's not as bright and independent as Anne, she's a good friend and person.

Gilbert Blythe - A good-looking boy, and the only one in school who rivals Anne for the coveted title "Head of the Class".

Rachel Lynde - Rachel lives to stick her nose in other peoples' business, often giving unsolicited opinions and advice and lecturing others about morals. She lives next door to Green Gables with her husband, and considers Marilla her good friend.

Thomas Lynde - The quiet, unassuming man married to Rachel. Together, they have ten children. Thomas is only mentioned a few times in the novel and never speaks.

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