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Find true love where you least expect it in Jane Austen's timeless, romantic classic!

Classic Book By YouŽ presents your personalized edition of Jane Austen’s Emma. Live the fantasy and step into this sparkling, funny, romantic classic.

In Emma, first published in 1815, our heroine is charming, confident Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy young woman and self-appointed relationship expert with a knack for meddling in others’ lives. Against the advice of her steadfast and wise brother-in-law Mr. Knightley, Emma is determined to play matchmaker for her friends—though her schemes never go quite as planned. As she strives to unravel the mysteries of the human heart, Emma is caught off-guard by what she discovers about her own.

Now you can play this spirited heroine and concoct well-meaning plots, discover secrets about your friends, and find your own true love. Along the way, you’ll meet unforgettable customizable characters including the handsome, honest Mr. Knightley, guileless Harriet Smith, elegant Jane Fairfax, roguish Frank Churchill, and ambitious Mr. Elton.
A sweet-natured comedy of youthful intrigue, social commentary and triumphant love, this unique personalized edition of Emma starring you will be treasured forever!

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What do we personalize in Emma?

Sense and Sensibility coversHardcover editionPaperback editionHardcover edition with custom photoEmma Woodhouse - Our lovely heroine, the center of her village's social hierarchy, is only 21 but already believes she knows all there is to understand about matters of the heart. Stubborn, headstrong Emma tries to play matchmaker and mentor to her friends, while exchanging friendly banter with her beloved brother-in-law, Mr. Knightley. Emma's plans invariably unravel in hilariously unexpected ways. At last she discovers how blind she's been, especially to the love that's closer than she thinks. But is she too late to reveal her feelings to the man she adores?  

George Knightley - The brother of Emma's sister's husband, Mr. Knightley is wise, good-humored, and gallant--and he greatly admires Emma, despite disapproving of her meddling ways. He tries to set her on the right path, but their stubborn natures clash and at times their friendship seems doomed--especially when Emma suspects he's fallen in love with another woman.  

Harriet Smith -  A pretty, sweet, and easily manipulated young woman, Harriet is taken under Emma's wing. Emma hopes to switch Harriet's feelings from the farmer she loves to a more socially suitable gentleman of Emma's choosing. Loyal Harriet obeys only to find her heart broken by Emma's well-intentioned advice.

Frank Churchill - Frank is the dashing, much-admired young stepson of Emma's former governess. His arrival in the village is highly anticipated, especially by Emma, who has already made up her mind that they are intended for each other. When they meet they fall into fast friendship, sharing both wit and their somewhat unflattering views on their neighbors. Yet Frank has his own secret agenda...and Emma is his unknowing conspirator. 

Jane Fairfax - A poor but elegant young woman whose beauty and accomplishments are lauded throughout the village, much to Emma's annoyance. Resenting anyone who takes attention from herself, Emma unwittingly spreads some unpleasant gossip about Jane's possible relationship with her married former employer. Jane's stubborn refusal to talk about herself only fans the flames of scandal, although the truth  shocks Emma to her core.

Miss Bates - Miss Bates is the sweet, well-meaning, and hopelessly dull chatterbox who's a longtime friend of Emma's family. She cares for her mother, is proud of her relative Jane Fairfax, and looks with unstinting admiration toward Emma. Emma's patience toward Miss Bates is limited, and one poorly timed insult nearly ruins even Miss Bates's unwavering affection for Emma, not to mention causes a rift between Emma and Mr. Knightley.

Mr. Elton -  Elton is the local vicar whose fawning, falsely modest demeanor masks an ambitious desire to rise in his station--particularly through marriage. He is the object of Emma's matchmaking intentions, but has his own idea of whom he should marry... and his choice shocks our young heroine. His true nature is the first real sign to Emma that perhaps she doesn't know everything about life after all.

Robert Martin - Down-to-earth Robert Martin is a young farmer and tenant on Mr. Knightey's estate, and an ardent admirer of Harriet Smith. Knightley considers him a smart, sensible man whose courtship of Miss Smith should be encouraged--but Emma disagrees, worried that a marriage to Mr. Martin would take Harriet out of Emma's social circle. Robert's loyalty to Harriet is unwavering despite all the obstacles Emma throws in his path.

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