Personalized The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Step into the shoes of Agatha Christie's most famous detective, Hercule Poirot.

Paperback edition

Classic Book By You presents your personalized edition of Agatha Christie's first mystery, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Now you can track clues and solve mysteries as one of Christie's most beloved detectives, delving into the English countryside during World War I.

First published in 1920 in answer to a bet, The Mysterious Affair at Styles will certainly keep you guessing. Christie weaves a tangled web of mystery, murder, and deception in an isolated British country manor. The wealthy widow Emily Cavendish, recently remarried to a much younger man, is found dead after a heated argument with an unknown man. Our narrator, Lieutenant Hastings, enlists the help of his friend, brilliant but unconventional detective Hercule Poirot. Together they sort through the myriad suspects and twisted web of lies to solve the mysterious affair at Styles manor.

This is your chance to question suspects, sort clues, catch the oft-overlooked details that could solve the crime, and uncover a sordid love affair! Will you and your cast of customizable characters be able to give the culprit his just deserts?

Agatha Christie's beloved debut, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, will set your heart pounding, keep your blood racing, and sharpen your wit with every turn of the page. And now that it's starring you, itís sure to be a best-seller all over again!

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What do we personalize in The Mysterious Affair at Styles?
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Hercule Poirot - Christie's most famous detective! Determined and intelligent, he plays things close to the vest (despite his habit of thinking out loud).

Arthur Hastings - Generally referred by his last name, Hastings, he fancies himself a detective, but is miles away from the skill of the witty Hercule Poirot. He is much slower to pick up on evidence, but makes astute observations, which is why he remains Poirot's sidekick during the investigation.

John Cavendish - The stepson of the late widow Emily Inglethorp, he stands to inherit her estate. He seems to be a good fellow, if a little naÔve, but openly wishes he had more money from his stepmother.

Mary Cavendish - John's incredibly beautiful wife, whom Hastings is quite fond of. Her marriage is on the rocks because she feels stifled at Styles.

Lawerence Cavendish - The younger brother of John. A quiet, shy man who has his own suspicions of who murdered Emily.

Evelyn Howard - A feisty, pretty young woman who works at Styles, Evelyn is just a little too gruff and very straight-forward. She believes everyone in the house (especially Emily Inglethorp's second husband) is out to get Emily's money. She is sent away when Emily gets upset with her, but that doesn't mean she's innocent.

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