Personalized Pride and Prejudice

Enter an elegant world of wit and romance with Jane Austen's timeless classic!

Classic Book By YouŽ presents your personalized edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Live the fantasy by visiting the stunning estate of Pemberley, attending elegant parties…and falling in love with one of literature’s most romantic characters.

This influential 1813 novel of love, humor and manners begins when two eligible bachelors arrive at an English village, causing a flurry of excitement among the Bennets, a family of five unmarried sisters. Our heroine, witty Elizabeth Bennet, clashes with the wealthy, handsome Mr. Darcy, who disapproves of her scatterbrained family yet falls for Elizabeth’s charms. Though Darcy tries to capture her heart, Elizabeth is drawn to another young man, the dashing soldier Mr. Wickham.

Should Elizabeth believe the gossip about Darcy's true nature? Will Elizabeth ever forgive Darcy when she discovers he prevented his best friend from marrying her beloved older sister Jane? And will Darcy's feelings survive when a scandal involving Elizabeth's  youngest sister threatens her entire family’s reputation? The stage is set for intrigue, misunderstandings, heartbreak…and true love.

Pride and Prejudice will enthrall you with its memorable characters, humor, and timeless romance. This unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever!

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What do we personalize in Pride and Prejudice?

Pride and Prejudice coversHardcover editionPaperback editionHardcover edition with custom photoElizabeth Bennet - Our young heroine is smart, lovely, and stubborn, and though she tends to judge others quickly, she learns that first impressions can be mistaken. Most of the novel is told through her witty observations.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - The handsome, extremely eligible hero is a man whose good opinion is much sought-after, but rarely received. His arrival (along with his best friend) causes a flurry of interest in town, but some neighbors—including Elizabeth—believe he's a snob. Is there more to Darcy than they see?

Jane Bennet -  Elizabeth's older sister is the beauty of the family who's expected to marry well--and she catches the eye of Charles Bingley, a rich young newcomer to town. Though she's friendly and always thinks the best of people, her tendency to hide her feelings causes problems for her in matters of love.

Charles Bingley - A wealthy bachelor who's just moved to to the neighborhood. Bingley is much like Jane, good-natured and trusting. He falls hard for Jane, but just about everyone around him, from his snobbish sisters to over-protective best friend Darcy, is determined to prevent the match from happening.

George Wickham - Charming, rakish soldier who flirts with Elizabeth and other young ladies in town. Darcy detests and mistrusts him, and Wickham's behavior is soon revealed to be less-than-scrupulous.

Lydia Bennet -  Elizabeth and Jane's youngest sister is pretty, ill-mannered, shallow, and a notorious flirt. Her impulsive behavior turns scandalous later in the book and causes problems for her entire family.

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