Readers Respond

We love hearing from our family of readers... and they seem to love their personalized novels from Book By You®!  Here's a selection of some of the hundreds of comments we've received over the years.

A gift he can sink his teeth into... at Dracula's Castle!

"My boyfriend and I are major vampire fans and for his birthday, we decided to go right to the source: Vlad Dracula's Castle in Transylvania! Every vampire-lover's dream, right? Well, flying over, I gave him an extra-special surprise...a pair of vampire teeth, and his very own personalized copy of Dracula, starring him!!! He was completely thrilled & amazed! ...Here are some pics of my own immortal guy making himself right at home in 'his' castle (and one of me "staking my claim," ha ha!). Thanks a million, Book By You!" - Sherry

Dracula's Castle #1  Dracula's Castle #2  Dracula's Castle #3  Dracula's Castle #4  
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  • Dracula's Castle #1
  • Dracula's Castle #2
  • Dracula's Castle #3
  • Dracula's Castle #4
A reader reviews First Bite: It's a winner!

A 'First Bite' for Christmas!

"I loved it. My mom got me First Bite for Christmas and I wouldn't put it down. I've read it over and over again. and I still get teary eyed at the ending. I would love a sequel *hint hint*. My friend was overjoyed to be in it with me."
- Emily

A Prom and Prejudice reader loves her new gift:

"Hey, I just wanted to say that I think what you're doing here is genius! I received Prom and Prejudice as a gift for my birthday and I thought it was wonderful! You should definitely make more teen books. I was thinking that a book about "the boy next door" would be cool for Teens. Just an idea. Keep up the great work you are doing :)"
~ 'Chase'

Huge hit for Christmas! 
"Hey everyone! I received the copies of the books I ordered as Christmas gifts, Thank you SO much for the fast delivery. I didn't know what to expect. Honestly I wasn't expecting the products to be as amazing as they turned out to be. You guys did such a good job on every detail of the books, from the print quality to the implementation of all the personalization facts! (Characters, locations, etc)

I am proud to say I will be using your service over and over again. Very affordable for such a unique and meaningful gift. Many more thanks,"

- Scott (Newmarket, ON)

xmas hilarity"I ordered six books for Christmas and they were a tremendous hit. I won the prize for best stocking stuffer! Each person took a turn reading the excerpt from the back of the cover and we had a blast as you will see from my photo.

I hope you get some orders from the people I gave the books to. Thanks for everything.  PS, I just ordered two more books."

~ Diane (NJ)

An Unforgettable Gift from a Friend!

Sara was so thrilled about receiving Tropical Treasure as a birthday gift she had to create a video blog about it!

Book By You® - read from coast to coast! 

"My boyfriend and I are currently forced to live on separate coasts and are always looking for new and creative things to express our love for each other in ways that can reach long distance. While surfing the net for romantic ideas we came across your site and immediately placed an order for your personalized novel, Medieval Passion. We talk on the telephone each night and were so excited when the book arrived. 

Every night before we would say goodnight my boyfriend would read a few pages from Medieval Passion to me over the phone.  It's was so romantic and funny too!

We enjoyed the book far too much to keep this to ourselves and wanted to share with you the fun and love we’ve had with your book. We’ve recently placed an order for Tropical Treasure… now it's my turn to read to him!

Your books are a perfect way for us to spend time together, relax, and forget the miles that separate us  - for the time being.

You can look forward to a third book order to be placed by us in the near future!"

~ Lotus (CA) & Mike (NY)

 Comments like these from Carla and Mark keep us inspired!

"I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVED "our" romance novel. My husband ordered it for Valentine's Day and it arrived by courier the Saturday before Valentine's. Well, my husband was so excited for me to open the package, we couldn't wait, I tore open the package right away.

I literally freaked, I was so excited and so happy, I cried!! I had never heard of a personalized romance novel before. I was SO surprised, (its usually pretty hard to surprise me :) I LOVE seeing my name in print so to have a romance novel starring us was a dream come true. As well, I'm a huge animal lover so I was thrilled to see my precious cat Sammy included. My husband also wisely choose the villainess, as our sweet little shih tzu dog, Jazmyn, who is the only thing that literally squeezes in-between us :)

All plans for the evening were instantly put on hold as we made for the couch and cuddled. Mark and I took turns reading our book aloud to each other. We were laughing throughout. It's so well done, an excellent story. I loved how I played those gags and practical jokes on Mark.  And having my real childhood friend Kim help me "get my man", was lots of fun. The love scenes were romantic - actually the whole book was romantic!

This is the perfect gift, much more unique then flowers and it will last forever. I've enjoyed bragging to all my friends about what a wonderful husband I have and he's certainly loving the praise. I've e-mailed friends the "free demonstration" available through your web site and they've loved it. I think this is such a great idea I've even put your banner on our family web site!

Good luck to you and your business.  Oh, Mark heard about your book on CBC radio. But I'm glad I didn't - I loved being totally surprised!"

~ Sincerely, one THRILLED wife...Carla

 A picture's worth a thousand words...thanks, Gillian!
jill-red.gif (9373 bytes)

"A friend of mine took this picture as I was laughing over my personalized romance novel. (My friends picked my heart throb Harrison Ford as the hero...and I was laughing at page 84 in which "Harri" gives me his own birthday surprise!)

My book was presented as a gift at my recent birthday party...needless to say, everyone enjoyed the book. I just had to send you this picture and thank you for such a fabulous product! I look forward to your next novel."

~Gillian Donacaster

 Romance at its best!  Isn't love wonderful?

"Six months ago, my Father (age 65), met a woman and married her last weekend. My dilemma: What do you give two people for a wedding gift, that already have every worldly possession. After great thought and lots of shopping, I happened across your personalized romance novel.  What a great gift for my Dad and his new bride-to-be! It's personal, unique, a lot of fun and a wonderful keepsake.  Certainly, neither one of them would already have one!

I cannot explain what it's like to watch one of your parents act like a 'teenager in love'.  Over the past few months, I've watched a very strong and capable man turn into a giddy, little adolescent.  The more I thought about buying your personalized romance novel the more sense it made. I mean, the whole book seemed to cater to my Dad's situation; the classic romance of two people and how love triumphs. 

Within a few minutes, I had logged onto your web site (insert your shtick here) and ordered a book. What an ideal gift for the two of them!

I made the newlyweds take their book on the honeymoon, thinking if they had some spare time they could delve into a couple of chapters - which they did.  They had a ball, reading to each other. The book was a huge success!

Thank you so very much for the wonderful book and prompt delivery!  You can be assured that I will be passing-on this novel idea to my friends and family."

~ Shelagh P.

 One surprised hubby...try it, you'll like it!

"Weeks prior to our anniversary, my wife Barbara kept talking about a gift she'd found that was going to be a BIG surprise.  Of course she made me guess and gave me non-descript clues that were meant to mislead and intrigue.  Each day, for the week prior to our anniversary, she had one large rose delivered to my office with a note attached. 

Of course the notes, once again, were clues as to the identity of her gift. The last note contained the message: "You've read the screen play and seen the movie now starring us...."  Well, the day of our anniversary arrived and when I went to the office and checked my Email, I was pleasantly surprised to find yet another message from my beloved "You are the star of my life! Love Barbara!"  (This takes chivalry to a new level!) 

When I arrived home that evening, there on the dining room table, was a book with a great big rose on the front cover. To my surprise my name was also on the front cover! Beside the book was bottle of champagne and a vase with another great big red rose.

My wife arrived home from work a half hour later sporting a big grin and a dozen oysters. We love to cook, and for the next few hours we settled in the kitchen and ate oysters, sipped champagne and took turns reading from my book. We laughed and enjoyed the book immensely! 

The love scenes were wonderful - not too steamy but just enough to keep us turning the pages quickly to see what was next. I thought I would write and thank you personally for a marvelous surprise. Keep up the good work!"

~ Ted & Barb Crenshaw

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