Personalized The Secret Adversary

Embark on a thrilling adventure and solve a challenging mystery as Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence!

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Get personal with The Secret Adversary, Agatha Christie's beloved mystery, starring the incomparable Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowley. With Classic Book By You’s customizable version, now you and a friend can become Christie's tenacious investigators. Tommy Beresford and Prudence “Tuppence” Crowley are down on their luck; they have no money, and there is little work to be had in post-World War I England. Desperate to change their fortunes, the two friends decide to hire themselves out as investigators “willing to go anywhere and do anything.” Their new company, Young Adventurers Ltd., has a simple motto: no reasonable request is refused. It isn't long before this motto gets Tommy and Tuppence more than they bargained for—they are contacted by three different people to help unravel the mystery surrounding Jane Finn, a woman believed to have drowned in a ship wreck four years earlier, who supposedly has resurfaced with sensitive government documents.

Dive into the starring roles on this high-stakes adventure full of mystery and intrigue, and see if you can crack the case!

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What do we personalize in The Secret Adversary?
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Tommy Beresford - The hero of the story, who works alongside Tuppence as an investigator in their newly formed company, Young Adventurers Ltd to solve the mystery of Jane Finn.

Prudence 'Tuppence' Cowley - The heroine of the story, and partner to Tommy, Tuppence was a nurse during the war. She sets the wheels of this story turning with her adventurous spirit.

Mr. Carter - A member of an unnamed British intelligence agency who hires Tommy and Tuppence to find the missing Jane Finn—and the treaty she is said to possess—before the Bolsheviks do.

Mr. Whittington - One of the conspirators, who hires Tuppence to find Jane Finn, but becomes suspicious of her when she unwittingly uses “Jane Finn” as an alias.

Mr. Brown - A mysterious figure with a talent for blending into the background, he is thought to be the leader of the Bolsheviks.

Jane Finn - Believed to have drowned on the RSS Lusitania, she is said to have possessed a secret document of national importance–a draft treaty.

Julius P. Hersheimmer - Jane Finn’s self-proclaimed first cousin, and heir to her father's multi-million-dollar fortune. He joins forces with Tommy and Tuppence after Mr. Brown outsmarts his attempts to find his cousin.

Boris Ivanovitch - A Bolshevist conspirator, who is also in cahoots with Mr. Brown.

Marguerite 'Rita' Vandemeyer - Another survivor from the sinking of the RSS Lusitania. The duo contacts her believing she may have information about Jane Finn. At first she appears trustworthy, but only time will tell.

Sir James - A man who Tommy and Tuppence believe can help them solve the mystery of Jane Finn and the disappearing treaty, but he may prove anything but trustworthy.

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