Personalized The Young Adventurers Collection

Embark on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime in The Young Adventurers Collection!

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Classic Book By You proudly presents your personalized version of The Young Adventurers Collection, perfect for any young wanderer.

Enter a world of adventure and mystery with these four majestic tales. Climb a magical beanstalk to a land in the clouds full of giants, singing harps, and golden eggs in Jack & The Beanstalk. Discover what you can get away with when time stops for everyone but you in L. Frank Baum's short story The Capture of Father Time. Outwit and outlast a terrible dragon to save a kingdom in The Prince & The Dragon, and change your fortune as the lucky young Aladdin in the epic tale, Aladdin & The Magic Lamp. With you as the intrepid wandering hero, this collection of stories is sure to go down in history as the greatest adventure ever!

Step into these classic tales and begin the adventure of a lifetime alongside your friends! Book By You's one-of-a-kind compilation The Young Adventurers Collection features three personalize-able characters--our intrepid hero, a friend who lends a helping hand, and a princess in need of rescue, all of whom make this journey one you'll want to take again and again.

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What do we personalize in The Young Adventurers Collection?
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Jack & The Beanstalk
Jack, a young lay-about who climbs a beanstalk and changes his fortune.
Alex, a mysterious boy who helps Jack with his quest.

The Capture of Father Time
Jim, a mischievous young cowboy whose prowess with a lasso gets him into more than a bit of trouble.

The Prince & The Dragon
The Prince, the youngest of three sons, who must face untold dangers to save the lives of his brothers.
A Young Boy, who points the prince in the right direction toward finding the dragon and freeing his brothers.The Princess, who possesses the power to help the prince overcome a frightening dragon.

Aladdin & The Magic Lamp
Aladdin, a young "street rat" who unlocks the key to changing his fortune when he uncovers a magic lamp in a mysterious cave.
The Princess, who captures Aladdin's heart when he meets her, and inspires him to hatch a plan for her hand in marriage.

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