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ER Fever - Prescription for Passion
Just in time for Valentine's Day!

London, Ontario, Canada - January 29, 2006 - Book By You Publishing, through its Romance By You division, today released ER Fever - Prescription for Passion, the seventh in the company's series of personalized romance novels.

Romantics and book lovers alike can co-author ER Fever by selecting the names and features of the main characters in this romantic novel. You select the highly spirited heroine, her best friend and our quick-witted hero. Include a spouse or significant other, friends, relatives, co-workers or Hollywood stars - even a pet - in your very own romance novel! The characters' hair color, eye color and body type are some the story's 25 personalized characteristics that make this book a remarkably individual, unique and romantic gift. ER Fever - Prescription for Passion is a 160-page, professionally bound paperback novel that includes a striking personalized cover.

Pick up your prescription for passion and catch ER Fever! In ER Fever, a gifted nurse works side-by-side with a dashingly handsome doctor saving lives in an action-packed emergency room. Both have sworn off relationships, but even our pair of dedicated medical professionals isn't immune to Cupid's spell.... thanks to a little help from their trusted friends and colleagues.

Michael Pocock, founder of Book By You Publishing commented, "ER Fever has it all! Action, humor and romance, drama-filled boardroom showdowns, and spicy romantic encounters. The high-stakes world of ER Fever will get your temperature rising! With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we believe this new novel will be a huge success. Our personalized romance novels last longer than chocolates and roses!"

To purchase a personalized novel, readers go to the company's website, and fill out a character questionnaire specifying the information to be included in the novel. The company offers a free demonstration area where readers can preview personalized excerpts from each of the company's seven romance novels.

For a PDF of the entire press release click here.

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