Coaster Mania provides a wild rush when our two stars become "trapped" in a roller coaster video game. They build tracks, ride them, and try rescuing their favorite pet while hoping to get home amidst a mistaken assumption they're thieves. Hop on - it's a great ride!

Paperback editionCoaster Mania

Fasten your seatbelts for Coaster Mania with roller coaster thrills zooming off the pages as our two stars grab a lucky chance to test a new, exhilarating video game with an amusement park setting. The game developer says, "Sometimes I just can't tear myself away," which proves to be all too true as our dynamic duo suddenly find themselves transported into the video game's amusement park.

The two pals face challenge after challenge in their adventure, including rescuing a trapped pet while desperately trying to evade a hostile gang of park workers that mistakenly believe them to be troublemakers and thieves. They solve their predicaments with ingenuity and daring and escape from the video game in the nick of time, arriving home safely, smarter and wiser than before.

Along the way our two stars build a science fair project and explore the science of roller coasters, not only in their video game but also by making model roller coasters that readers can build on their own at home using inexpensive materials.

Coaster Mania stars your special child and brings never-ending excitement and humor!

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