Music takes two talented children on a magic journey in Song Quest, a professionally bound full-length novel with your child's name and features throughout the story.  A gift they can't put down!

Song Quest


In Song Quest, our personalized main characters are two best friends who possess remarkable artistic talent—and a talent for getting into trouble!

On the magic island of Bedlington, an alarming illness attacks an entire village…including our young friends’ families. With the only cure lying across the sea, the determined children—among the only ones who are immune to the disease—rashly decide to seek the healing medicine themselves.

After sneaking off to begin this dangerous mission, they meet a variety of creatures from the fantastic to the frightening: talking butterflies who shrink our friends to the size of insects; a chorus of funny, tiny turtles; a race of noble elves with a captive princess; and a terrible enemy known as Wolfagones.

Throughout, the power of friendship, the magic of music, and their own skill and courage guide our brave duo toward their goal.

Song Quest will enthrall and encourage artistic creativity in children of all ages. This unique personalized novel starring you will be treasured forever!

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