The two young stars of The Hidden Key shine brightly as they are catapulted into a confusing and complex journey.

Paperback editionThe Hidden Key

After one of our dynamic duo accidentally comes home with the wrong coat, the pockets are found to contain some real surprises--a shiny gold key and a wad of cash. Along with the money is a hardware store bill for exactly the same amount of money and a looming deadline for payment. When they can't find the coat's owner, the two make the payment and bring home a very surprising purchase. Trying to discover the rightful owner and deliver the purchase and the coat, they find the consequences of their decisions create a complex series of challenges.

Jump right in for a fun mystery in The Hidden Key as our heroic pals show clever thinking and resilience while they attempt to outwit their crafty, sneaky adversary. Not only do they attack the tough problems and surmount significant barriers, but they also deliberate the meaning of the mystifying clues in a tricky music contest. It's a story to remember, full of humor and surprises while also demonstrating values such as honesty, friendship and determination. It's a great read that will keep you and your young hero or heroine guessing all the way to the end!

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