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Golden Night: Behind This Painting Lurks a Secret...:

Golden Night

When a ruthless thief breaks into a museum, our  personalized hero and heroine -- a detective and an art conservator -- clash as they try to solve the crime. He suspects an inside job; she's certain a painting hides the key to a golden treasure with deadly consequences. Together they find an adventure spanning two centuries. 



Fierce Moon: A Vicious Beast Haunts Victorian London...:

Fierce Moon

In this romantic suspense novel, a modern, mystery-loving librarian travels to 1892, where she's captivated by a brilliant, enigmatic detective. Soon they must search for the Beast, a serial killer stalking the streets. Can you solve the crime before the killer strikes again? What is the detective's dark secret? And who is the wild creature hunting during each full moon? 



The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Agatha Christie’s debut mystery, now featuring you in the role of her most famous detective Hercule Poirot! Or perhaps you’d like to act as the stalwart narrator, Lieutenant Hastings? It’s up to you in this captivating tale of murder-by-poisoning at an isolated manor in the British countryside. A classic mystery for would-be detectives everywhere!



The Secret Adversary

The Secret Adversary

Agatha Christie's beloved mystery, starring the incomparable Tommy Beresford and Tuppance Cowley, gets personal. You and a friend become Agatha's tenacious investigators, and find Jane Finn and her treaty before a fringe communist group. Follow in their footsteps as Tommy and Tuppance face friend, foe, and many a dead end on their harrowing quest to save a nation.



The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Enter a Classic Mystery

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's popular mystery gets a new twist by letting you take on roles such as brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes, loyal friend/narrator Dr. Watson, and cunning vixen Irene Adler. These twelve suspenseful tales will tantalize mystery fans everywhere! From Classic Book By You.



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