Personalized Alice in Wonderland

Dive into the rabbit hole as the star of Lewis Carroll's beloved classic!

Classic Book By You® presents your very own personalized edition of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland.  Now you and your friends can live the fantasy of falling down the rabbit hole into the wild, magical world of Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland—or Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, its full title—has never been out of print since its first publication in 1865, and has captivated millions with the surreal, whimsical tale of a young girl searching for adventure.

The story begins when Alice, bored at a picnic, is delighted to discover a clothed white rabbit scurrying along, declaring "I'm late!" Racing after him, Alice follows and discovers a rabbit hole that leads to a new fantasy world, called Wonderland. There she encounters strange food and drink that makes her bigger and smaller, and a famous cast of characters including the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts.

Now you can be the guest at the Mad Tea Party… play croquet with a flamingo… or even shout “off with her head!” Available in hardcover or paperback, Alice in Wonderland is a timeless tale filled with excitement and laughter, and this unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever!

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What do we personalize in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland covers Hardcover edition Paperback edition Hardcover edition with custom photo Alice - The young girl at the center of the story, Alice is a daydreamer who's curious, friendly, polite, and determined. Her thirst for adventure leads her on a somewhat reckless journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where she often lets her frustration and temper get the better of her judgment.

The White Rabbit - He launches Alice onto the adventure by his appearance and his famous cries of "I'm late!" He's timid, funny and fussy.

The Hatter (aka Mad Hatter) - One of the most frustrating people Alice meets in Wonderland, the Hatter is whimsical and lives to enjoy his mad tea party. He delights in annoying Alice.

The Cheshire Cat - Always grinning, and able to disappear / reappear at will, the Cheshire Cat helps explain the strange ways of Wonderland to Alice. The Cat (who can be male or female) is courteous, logical and helpful, and enjoys philosophizing.

The Queen of Hearts - The haughty Queen of Hearts rules Wonderland with an iron glove. She's easily angered and sometimes rather scary, especially when roaring for her subjects to be beheaded!

The King of Hearts - Not as scary as his wife (the Queen), the King isn't a good ruler but is still willing to undo the Queen's beheading orders.

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