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Personalized books from Book By You are a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured forever! Our books are available in paperback, hardcover and immediately downloadable ebook editions. Make your novel extra special by uploading a photo for the cover or to include in your ebook (now a free option for ebooks).

Whether for an anniversary, birthday, Valentines Day or Christmas - we offer unique personalized gifts for every occasion and everyone in the family. Select a category to find the perfect present for your creative friends and family.

Personalized best-sellers from our romance, classic, mystery, children's and teen divisions:
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Personalized Gift Guide - buy a book and eBook for christmas, birthday, or christmas.
A mystery, time-travel and romance all in one book. Then for a bit more excitement add a werewolf! Action-packed with a twist at the end we never saw coming! Our best friends personalized Fierce Moon for us last year for Christmas and we've been back for more. Well done!
- Jack Parsens, Miami, FL
When my wife showed me this book, I laughed. I laughed even more when I read it! Now she and I dominate a hilarious love story, and we're telling all of our friends to submit themselves as well.
- Howard K. Erie, PA
"I bought this for my son and for the whole week he was hypnotized! I read it along with him and I can see why. It's fun, believable, and best of all, stars my Jacob and his friend Bret as the intrepid detectives. Hope there's a sequel--he's already asking for a follow-up!"
- Kristi M., OH, USA