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Gifts for Boys

Choosing gifts for boys can be tough - especially when it comes to books. But he'll be logging off his electronic game device and turning down the TV when he sees his own name and photo (and those of his friends) featured in an action/adventure book! What better way to motivate boys to read real books!

He'll be solving mysteries and deciphering codes in The Secret Code and Riddles and Codes or starring in a classic like Peter Pan or Robin Hood. One of our personalized kids books is an amazing gift for birthdays, Christmas, graduation or just to say, "I love you!". Here's a list of our best personalized children's books for boys compiled from our classic and children's titles. .

Personalize the book The Hidden Key for a gift.
The Hidden Key

A pair of clever, delightful children tumble into an adventure when the star of The Hidden Key accidentally takes home the wrong coat and finds money, a bill and a key in the pocket. Because the bill has to be paid the next day, the main character and best friend are faced with a difficult dilemma which creates a surprising adventure for the two of them.

The consequences of their decisions require attacking a tough scenario with clever thinking, resilience and determination as they work to surmount barriers and attempt to outwit a crafty adversary.

Personalize the book The Secret Code for a gift.
The Secret Code

In The Secret Code, a pair of clever young friends must solve an increasing number of puzzling mysteries after an important school project goes missing, their hard-earned money vanishes, and someone cracks their secret code!

They've been planning an excursion on a thrilling balloon ride for a year, working hard to earn enough to go. When the money disappears, our wannabe detectives investigate the case by passing secret notes, interviewing witnesses, and using their wits to determine whodunnit. Fun and suspense for all miniature sleuths!

Personalize the book Coaster Mania for a gift.
Coaster Mania

Coaster Mania's excitement and adventure focuses on roller coasters when our stars have an opportunity to test a new video game and are mysteriously transported into the game's amusement park.

Will they be able to avoid capture by park workers who mistakenly believe they are thieves? Can they find and rescue a special lost pet? And how will they get back home? The characters are challenged as they solve problems with ingenuity and tenacity.

Additionally, the book describes how to build a model roller coaster at home with inexpensive materials.

Personalize the book The Young Adventurers Collection for a gift.
The Young Adventurers Collection

Step into these classic tales and begin the adventure of a lifetime alongside your friends! Book By You's one-of-a-kind compilation The Young Adventurers Collection features three personalize-able characters -- our intrepid hero, a friend who lends a helping hand, and a princess in need of rescue, all of whom make this journey one you'll want to take again and again.

Personalize the book The Jungle Book for a gift.
The Jungle Book

With all of Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories collected in one volume, The Jungle Book follows a young boy raised by wolves. Mowgli learns the rules of the jungle with beloved characters like Baloo the Bear and the panther Bagheera. But will the world of man steal him away from his wild and free life with his wolf family?

Personalize the book Treasure Island for a gift.
Treasure Island

One of the most thrilling pirate adventures of all time -- is now available in a personalized edition. Imagine starring as the young boy who climbs aboard the Hispaniola with Long John Silver and his band of mutineers!

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale features both swashbuckling action and important lessons about responsibility, greed, bravery and loyalty in a timeless saga of seafaring excitement. Treasure Island is perfect for the boys on your shopping list.

Personalize the book Robin Hood for a gift.
Robin Hood

This enduring classic version of the legendary noble outlaw is now available as a personalized novel starring you or the lucky children in your life. Explore Sherwood Forest and help the poor find justice while evading the evil Sheriff of Nottingham!

Kids and adults alike can imagine themselves as Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John, and more! The personalized edition of Robin Hood will be treasured forever.

Personalize the book Peter Pan for a gift.
Peter Pan

Introducing the personalized Peter Pan. J.M. Barrie''s enduring classic is now available as a personalized novel. Fly off to Neverland to meet the Lost Boys, magic fairies, and of course, pirates!

Kids can imagine themselves as Peter Pan, Wendy, or even Tinker Bell. Even parents can join in! Our leads save the princess Tiger Lily and do battle with fierce pirates... including the infamous Captain Hook. The personalized edition of Peter Pan will be treasured forever.

Personalize the book The Book of Dragons for a gift.
The Book of Dragons

The Book of Dragons is 130 pages of excitement spanning four separate short stories.

Our personalized characters are daring, cunning and courageous as they deal with dragons - some friendly and some dangerous! A set of charming, funny adventures sure to please both children and adults.

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Personalized Gifts for Boys - buy a book and eBook for christmas, birthday, or christmas.
The Hidden Key is my third Book By You and the best yet! My daughter and son could not stop reading it. Amazingly, they read it together. A true family experience.
- Jennifer Marsted
"Thanks for another wonderful children's novel, The Secret Code. I've given each of your books to my grandkids as they've grown and this may be their favorite yet! My granddaughter especially is a fan of puzzles and riddles and she adored playing the sleuth in her own mystery."
- 'Gram' Shayna F., NY, USA
My son is not a huge reader and we forgot how long Treasure Island is - he read all 300 pages over the weekend! Maybe it was the pirate eyepatch and bandana we got him to go with the book ; ) Your books really do motivate kids to read!
- Jim Clarkson, Sarnia, ON