Personalized Dracula

Uncover an immortal's secrets in Bram Stoker's blood-curdling vampire tale!

Classic Book By You® presents your very own personalized edition of Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula. Now you can visit the Transylvanian castle of the world’s most infamous vampire. Introduce fans of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood to the original immortal creature of the night. (But this terrifying tale isn't for the squeamish... read alone in the dark only if you dare!)

This ageless 1897 novel of gothic horror begins when a young attorney is hired by aristocratic Count Dracula’s, little realizing he’s a mere pawn in the evil vampire’s plan for world domination. Soon the horror spreads to London as the Count stalks new victims, including the attorney’s bride-to-be and her friend. When the friend wastes away from a mysterious illness, they seek help from a renowned doctor... who suspects Dracula. Can they stop the Count and his grisly plot?

Customized characters include naïve solicitor Jonathan Harker, classic gothic heroine Mina Murray, haunted beauty Lucy Westenra, brilliant vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing… and even Dracula himself. 

Prepare to be enthralled by Dracula, with every page filled with spine-tingling suspense and adventure. This unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever.

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What do we personalize in Dracula?

Dracula Hardcover edition Paperback edition Hardcover edition with custom photo Count Dracula - A nobleman of Transylvania and vampire, this undead creature preys on humans--particularly young women. With superhuman strength, speed, ability to transform himself and hypnotize others, he is a formidable villain who's a danger to humanity.

Jonathan Harker - An earnest, brave but somewhat naive young solicitor, Harker is invited to Dracula's castle, where he nearly becomes a victim himself. Engaged to marry Mina, Harker is determined to save her from the Count's evil plans by destroying the vampire.

Mina Murray - Strong, pure of heart, brave and wise, Mina is one of Dracula's chief targets, and is put in grave danger by his obsession. She is devoted to Jonathan, her fiancé, and it is her insight that gives him and the other vampire hunters their best chance to capture Dracula.

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing - A brilliant Dutch scientist, Van Helsing's experience and wisdom help him diagnose the first vampire attack. Compassionate, courageous and well-versed in vampire history, he is the first man to be aware of the threat to humanity and is determined to find Dracula.

Lucy Westenra - Lovely, kind but flirtatious Lucy is Mina's best friend--and Dracula's early victim. After an attack by the vampire, her strength diminishes and she appears to be suffering from an unknown illness. Eventually she becomes a vampire herself, haunting the village.

Dr. John Seward - One of Lucy's unlucky suitors, Seward is in charge of the insane asylum near Dracula's new estate. Rational and intelligent, he is skeptical of Van Helsing's claims of vampire activity.

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