Personalized Fairytale Princess Collection

An anthology of timeless, personalized fairytales, starring your little princess and her handsome prince!

Paperback edition

Introducing the Fairytale Princess Collection, Book By You's anthology of classic fairy tales to send your child's imagination into the magical world of Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After!

Featuring ten different fairytales, the Fairytale Princess Collection spins familiar stories with your favorite princesses and their handsome princes. Rapunzel thwarts a witch and lets down her long hair to her true love, Cinderella dances all night in glass slippers with her Prince Charming. Beauty breaks the Beast's curse with her love. A princess must prove she's real in The Princess & The Pea. Thumbelina embarks on a teeny-tiny adventure on the back of her friend, the Swallow, to find her prince. Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a spindle and falls asleep for 100 years, to be woken only by true loveís kiss. Snow White must escape the evil Queen, and hides away deep in the woods in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. The Twelve Dancing Princesses dance until their shoes are worn through every evening, and a young man must discover their secret to break the curse. A young woman travels to the ends of the earth and beyond for her handsome prince in East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and two sisters help break a bearís curse in Snow White and Rose Red.

Be your child's own fairy godmother, and make her a princess today!

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What do we personalize in Fairytale Princess Collection?
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Sleeping Beauty
Briar Rose, a beautiful princess, blessed with grace and goodness, but doomed to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and sleep for 100 years. The spell can only be broken by true love's kiss.
The Prince, an adventurous hero who braves the dense thicket of thorns surrounding the princess's castle to break her spell.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White, a sweet, fair princess who is in danger of the wicked Queen's jealousy. To save herself, she must flee into the woods, where she discovers the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. They try to protect her, but her innocence leads her into the clutches of the Queen's evil plot.
The Prince, who falls in love with Snow White as she lays in her glass coffin, and breaks the spell when he moves her. His love saves Snow White from the Queen's jealousy.

The Princess & The Pea
The Prince, who longs to marry a real princess.
The Princess, who shows up on the Prince's door step in the rain and must prove she's really a princess by sleeping on a great pile of mattresses with a pea hidden beneath them.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
Michael, a cow herder, called 'Star Gazer,' who hears the story of twelve princesses who are under a curse, and, with the help of a beautiful lady, endeavors to get to the bottom of their affliction.
Princess Lina, the youngest of the twelve sisters, whose gentle beauty and sweetness charms Michael. Lina helps him break the dancing curse laid on her and her sisters.

Rapunzel, a young maiden with a beautiful voice raised by a witch, who keeps her hidden in a tower with no stairs. The only way in and out is to climb Rapunzel's beautiful long hair!
The Prince, who hears Rapunzel's singing one day while he wanders in the woods. He climbs her hair and visits her in her tower as they fall in love. When their love is discovered by the witch, Rapunzel is cast out, and the prince is doomed to wander the earth until they find each other once again.

Thumbelina, a beautiful little girl the size of a thumb, grown inside a beautiful tulip flower. When she is stolen away from her mother by an ugly toad, Thumbelina ends up on an amazing adventure, which leads her to a beautiful fairy land.
The Fairy King, who welcomes Thumbelina into his land, and gives her wings of her own when he makes her his queen of all the flowers.

Snow White & Rose Red
Snow White, a lovely little girl raised by a widow in the woods. She and her sister Rose Red befriend a bear under a curse, and help a grumpy old gnome find his treasure.
The Bear, a handsome prince, cursed by the gnome to live as a bear because the gnome wanted his treasure.
Rose Red, Snow White's sister, who helps her break the curse on the bear, and marries his handsome brother.

East of the Sun & West of the Moon
The Youngest Daughter, a beautiful and adventurous girl, who must go on a quest to save her beloved prince when she unwittingly dooms him to marry a troll princess.
The White Bear, a prince under a curse, who carries the youngest daughter to his castle, but is taken away to a place east of the sun and west of the moon when she disobeys his orders.

Cinderella & the Glass Slipper
Ella, called 'Cinderella', a young girl whose evil step-family forces her to do all their chores. But when her fairy godmother shows up, Cinderella's luck takes a turn for the better!
Prince Charming, a handsome prince who falls in love with Cinderella at a ball. When she flees at the stroke of midnight, Charming has only a glass slipper to find her with.

Beauty & the Beast
Beauty, the kind and lovely daughter of a merchant. When Beauty's father goes away on business, her siblings ask for extravagant gifts, but Beauty asks only for a rose -- a request which sets off a chain of events Beauty could never have imagined.
The Beast, a prince who was cursed to live in his majestic palace in the form of a hideous monster until he could learn to love, and be loved in return. When Beauty comes into his life, the Beast must learn what it really means to love someone.

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