Personalized Northanger Abbey

Become a part of Jane Austenís world of gothic romance, high society, and true love.

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Classic Book By You presents your personalized edition of Jane Austenís Northanger Abbey. Enter into Catherine Morlandís world of gothic novels, elegant balls, and romance in Regency England!

Jane Austenís Northanger Abbey, published in 1817 is a tale infused with sarcasm, flirtation, and the intrigues of young love in high society. Catherine, a clergymanís daughter, falls for the captivating Henry Tilney, drawn to his wisdom and kindness. She must learn the ropes of the high society sheís been suddenly thrown into while spurning the advances of John Thorpe, the vain and brash brother of her new fair weather friend Isabelle. From Bath, England to a gothic mansion called Northanger Abbey, Catherine learns lessons in romance, friendship, and womanhood as she battles rumors, creates mystery, and falls in love.

Hereís your chance to get caught up in the web of romance, wealth and manipulation, packed with Austenís trademark witty banter, misunderstandings and English charm on the journey to true love!

A classic romance, Northanger Abbey will keep you turning pages as you navigate the complicated world of love and friendship in Austenís beloved 19th century England. With you as the star, this Classic Book By You is sure to take up permanent residence on your nightstand.

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What do we personalize in Northanger Abbey?
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Catherine Morland - A straight-forward girl learning the ways of the world. Polite and honest, she is still unsure of etiquette and protocol. Not wealthy, but not impoverished, she loves gothic novels and tends to project these into her own life, often to her embarrassment.

Henry Tilney - A clever young man who takes an interest in Catherine, and loves her by the end of the book. He is thoughtful and well-educated, from an affluent family. His sister is Eleanor; his father is a general.

Eleanor Tilney - Eleanor is quiet and sweet. Eternally polite, she is mortified when her father acts badly. She is a great friend to Catherine, and always happier when her brother Henry is near.

James Morland - A serious young man, and believed to be quite wealthy, James is Catherine's brother. He falls in love with Isabella, they are engaged, but she ends the engagement after discovering the truth about his finances, James is heart-broken.

Isabella Thorpe - Quickly becomes Catherine's close friend. Isabella is a loquacious young girl, demanding her own way, fairly manipulative and rather fickle, but she ultimately loves Catherine and values her friendship.

Mrs. Allen - Catherine's wealthy benefactress who takes her along to Bath, where they meet the Tilneys and Isabella. Mrs. Allen's conversation usually dwells on fashion, clothes, and other people's business.

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