Personalized Phantom of the Opera

Enter the haunting world of Gaston Leroux's gothic tale of obsessive love!

Classic Book By You® presents your very own personalized edition of The Phantom of the Opera. Live the fantasy and explore the gothic splendor of the Paris Opera.

Gaston Leroux’s immortal 1911 novel begins when young, talented singer Christine Daaé is haunted by a voice claiming to be the Angel of Music. But he is actually Erik, the tormented, twisted genius known as the Phantom. Hiding a scarred face and dark soul, the Phantom lurks behind the scenes at the Opera while mentoring innocent Christine, the object of his romantic fascination.

As her career blossoms thanks to the Phantom’s nefarious schemes, Christine rekindles her relationship with handsome nobleman Raoul de Chagny. Furious, the Phantom captures Christine and whisks her to his subterranean lair, where she finally learns the secrets behind his mask. Torn between fear, ambition, hate and love, Christine must choose her destiny… before the Phantom destroys all she holds dear.

The Phantom of the Opera is a timeless tale of obsession, romance, betrayal and horror. Perfect for fans of the multiple film adaptations and Andrew Lloyd Webber's smash hit musical, this unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever!

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What can you personalize in The Phantom of the Opera?

The Phantom of the Opera Hardcover edition Paperback edition Hardcover edition with custom photo Christine Daaé - Our heroine is a beautiful aspiring young opera singer and dancer at the Paris Opera. Her innocence makes her an easy target for the Phantom's manipulative affections--and his jealousy when she falls in love with her childhood friend.

Erik (The Phantom) - Erik is the disfigured musical genius who hides beneath the opera house and haunts its inhabitants. His love for Christine varies between tenderness and obsession, and eventually leads to rage, jealousy... and murder.

Raoul de Chagny - Handsome young nobleman Raoul is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Christine. He mistrusts her so-called "Angel of Music" and vows to save Christine from his rival's clutches.

"The Persian" - This mysterious Persian has a long history with the Phantom, having saved Erik's life, and now keeps track of him at the Opera. He bravely helps Raoul face the Phantom's cruel traps.

Madame Giry - Mme. Giry is the Opera's conceirge and one of the only people trusted by the Phantom. She collects the money he extorts from the Opera's managers, and believes his prediction that her daughter will marry into royalty.

Meg Giry - The young daughter of Mme. Giry, Meg is somewhat self-absorbed and egotistical. She is shocked and made envious by Christine's quick rise to success. (Note: unlike the musical version, Meg is not Christine's best friend.)

Carlotta - This elegant Spanish diva foolishly ignores the Phantom's warnings to back out of her lead role in the Opera's new production... and pays the price for her refusal to let Christine have the part.

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