Personalized Sense and Sensibility

Discover your heart's desire in Jane Austen's timeless, romantic classic!

Classic Book By YouŽ presents your personalized edition of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Live the fantasy and step into one of the most touching romance classics in English literature.

This 1811 novel begins when our personalized heroines—two very different sisters—are left in mourning and financial ruin by their father’s death. Elinor, the oldest, most responsible daughter, falls in love with kind yet shy Edward Ferrars; the passionate Marianne is courted by two men: dashing suitor Willoughby and noble, steadfast Colonel Brandon.

Marrying would ease their sorrow and their family’s fiscal woes, but dark secrets tear their lovelorn hopes apart. The sisters react in their own unique ways—Elinor with selfless sacrifice, and Marianne with impetuous behavior.

Play one of these classic heroines and find true love, endure bittersweet torment, and finally get your blissful reward. Along the way, you’ll meet unforgettable customizable characters including Edward, Willoughby, and Brandon. Sense and Sensibility will enthrall you with its romantic tale of reckless passion, abiding faith, and gentle humor. This unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever! .

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What do we personalize in Sense and Sensibility?

Sense and Sensibility coversHardcover editionPaperback editionHardcover edition with custom photoElinor Dashwood - Our heroine, the oldest of three sisters, is compassionate, responsible, and kind. Elinor is the center of her family and her wisdom and discretion earn her many admirers.Though she hides her feelings out of prudence, her emotions run deep, especially when she falls in love with Edward Ferrars.  

Marianne Dashwood - Our second heroine is the middle daughter, a passionate young woman whose reckless, open-hearted nature leads her to take scandalous risks when she meets dashing John Willhoughby, not realizing the quieter, steadfast Colonel Brandon is also pining for her. 

Edward Ferrars -  Elinor and Marianne's brother-in-law, Edward is the possible inheritor of his family fortune. Unlike his relatives, he is shy, honorable, generous, and kind; he's drawn to Elinor's quiet grace despite her poor financial circumstances. However, a secret from his past means he must choose between love and honor.

Colonel Brandon - Colonel Brandon (no first name is given in the novel) is a conscientious but melancholy man due to a tragic affair in his past. He falls deeply in love with Marianne and remains her ardent admirer though she shows little regard for noble qualities and vastly prefers Willoughby's more obvious charms.

John Willoughby - Willoughby (as he's usually called) is everything a romantic young woman could want: handsome, charming, rich, and more than a little rakish. He even saves Marianne during a rainstorm, which endears him to all the Dashwoods. But he has several secrets that, when revealed, show a darker side to his otherwise likeable personality. Are his intentions toward Marianne honorable?

Mrs. Dashwood -  The recently widowed mother of three daughters, Mrs. Dashwood is much like Marianne: a romantic and prone to letting her emotions guide her rather than good sense. A loving, devoted mother, she is at a loss when, after her husband dies, she and her daughters are forced out of their beloved home.

Margaret Dashwood -  Elinor and Marianne's younger sister is impetuous and forthright, only 13-years-old but already beginning to show signs of her sister and mother's romanticism.

Mrs. Jennings - Mrs. Jennings is the mother-in-law of the Dashwoods' landlord/cousin. She is gregarious and gossipy, but also very endearing; she invites Marianne and Elinor to a long visit with her in London.

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