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Dark Embrace: Vampire Romance Book

In this personalized paranormal romance, a man who guides the dead to the Pool of Sorrow finds that his latest assignment is a vampire who feeds on human souls--and her latest victim is our hero. When mutual suspicion turns to passion, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

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Personalzed romantic vampire novel Dark Embrace

In Dark Embrace, our hero is a gifted Shadow Ward, responsible for tracking lost souls and leading them to their eternal rest—a peace denied them during life. His instincts fail when he’s drawn into the home of a lovely but lethal woman who immediately binds him to her with an unbreakable web of black lace.

Believing her to be a sorceress, he vows to escape before this evil creature leads him to his doom—but when his daring race for freedom nearly turns tragic, he realizes his captor’s true nature. She is a vampire of souls, destined to feed on a human’s life force. As much a victim as he, our heroine will die without him.

As our hero and heroine accept their mutual dependence, they also slowly accept one another—and soon deeper feelings link them even more powerfully than the black lace itself.

Despite their friends’ doubts, the couple fall in love—until their dark pasts emerge. What terrifying secret connects them? And will it lead to their salvation...or their destruction?

This classic tale of forbidden romance is filled with suspense, tension, and passion. You can personalize four of our lead characters: the fearless, empathetic, resolute hero; the passionate, tragic, dangerous yet selfless heroine; the heroine's more experienced, self-absorbed yet supportive succubus friend; and the hero's loyal, somewhat nerdy, smart and caring best pal determined to save his friend's life.

Remember: You co-author Dark Embrace by selecting the heroine, hero, and their best friends. Dark Embrace is 185 pages, professionally bound, with more than 30 characteristics to personalize and a customized cover. A truly unique gift that will be cherished forever.

Available in both paperback and hardcover, your book will look stunning on your coffee table or bookshelf. What a wonderful gift idea for all occasions! Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets?

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Readers fall for Dark Embrace:

"My boyfriend gave this to me for our anniversary (six months!) and I fell in love with him all over again. Such a romantic, poignant tale and just enough action so my guy was just as addicted to the book as I was. The characters were larger than life in the best sense, just like our own romance. And our feelings are just as eternal, too!"
Abby D., Charlotte, NC

"Thank you thank you a million times! Me and my sister each got a copy because we soak up anything paranormal and this seemed like a perfect splurge. We weren't disappointed. This is heart-rending romance with a supernatural twist, and BTW I especially liked my character's strength and power. When's the sequel coming?"
Leah S., Glens Falls, NY

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