The clues are often hidden in plain sight when the stars of The Shutterbug Detective find themselves in detective mode - they witness the theft of a bicycle, search for a missing pet, and seek to uncover a friendly yet persistent prankster.

Paperback editionThe Shutterbug Detective

Our main character is thrilled by the surprise gift of a phone that comes with the challenge of taking at least one picture a day to document the summer. Right away our main star witnesses the bicycle theft and leaps into adventure with his or her trusty friend as they struggle to solve the crime.

But how can they solve a robbery when they don't know the thief and can't even find the victim? And how do they track down an unseen prankster?

Our hero and close friend develop new insights about people as they fight an uphill battle to uncover the complex story behind the bicycle theft that tests and strengthens their tenacity and drive for justice and truth. As the two clever pals uncover the veiled clues they often hold in their hands, they discover that things are not always what they seem and fortify their confidence in friendship and trust.

Along the way of solving the three mysteries, their adventures include rescuing escaped animals, creating a clever scavenger hunt, joining a surprising water balloon game and devising a friendly but ingenious payback for the harmless prankster.

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