Imagine finding an invitation to search for treasure that's hidden in your own neighborhood! The two stars of Treasure! use ingenuity and persistence to solve the clues related to a map from more than half a century ago. But the city has changed dramatically since the map was created. What will they find? Will a rival get there first? Join the hunt in Treasure!

Paperback editionTreasure!

The map found in a beautiful red and gold box hidden in 1956 beckons our two special stars to search for further treasure. They found the box buried in an abandoned garden near their home, but imagine trying to find a treasure using a map created way back in 1956! The town has certainly changed since then - many of the businesses and stores on the map are gone and the streets have changed.

As the two clever friends search for answers to the clues, they learn about letter writing, recipes, a fascinating woman from the past and find a special hand-made bookmark. A surprising twist of language is the secret that finally pulls the set of eleven clues together. But even with the clues decoded, how can the stars find the treasure in an old garden? Are all the same plants still flourishing there?

Treasure! highlights the values of true friendship, neighborliness, tenacity and cleverness as the main characters resolutely face many challenges. A brave and comical personalized pet adds to the fun! There are many unanswered questions. What is the mysterious treasure? Was it already found long ago? Where can it be hidden? Is it still worth something? Who will be first to find it?

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