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You're a star in the reality TV series TreasureQuest! Bedlam, backstabbing and romance, all televised to millions of viewers. Can you solve the puzzles and physical challenges to take home the million dollar prize?

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Tropical Treasure


If you've ever wanted to become part of a reality game show, now's your chance! Step up to the challenging adventure as we sweep you away to the lush tropical island of St. Isabelle, where you and five other contestants are busy preparing for the televised reality game show TreasureQuest.

The game show is orchestrated by a devious but charismatic host, who hails from England and has the dry wit to prove it. Three weeks of mental and physical challenges - and of course the weekly television broadcasts - determine who wins the hidden treasure chest filled with over a million dollars of gold!

Upon arriving on St. Isabelle, our clever, idealistic heroine finds a friend in her new roommate, but instantly clashes with our charming, quick-witted hero, whose willingness to skirt the rules goes against everything she believes in.  

The heat and tension really begin once the ever-present television cameras start broadcasting the bedlam and backstabbing to millions of viewers, and players must decide who's an ally -- and who's a rival out for sabotage!

Thanks to their wits and daring, our hero and heroine quickly rise to the top, and inevitably the fierce competition ignites the spark of desire between our strong-willed pair.  True romance seems to beckon, but our heroine and her best friend discover there's a traitor in their midst ... and all signs point to the handsome stranger she's been falling for.  As the heroine struggles against her fellow contestants and her own fears, she starts to wonder: is it love, or just part of the game strategy?   

Tropical Treasure is filled with excitement, passion and humor.

You co-author Tropical Treasure by selecting the heroine, hero and heroine's best friend, and personalize their features and characteristics. Even include the name of your dog or cat! This 180-page, professionally bound paperback novel has 25 characteristics to personalize.

Tropical Treasure is beautifully bound with a personalized front cover. It will look stunning on the lucky recipient's coffee table or bookshelf, and is a wonderful gift idea for all occasions.

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Readers Applaud Tropical Treasure:

"I watch Survivor and Temptation Island and I'm amazed how your book captures the excitement and the look and feel of these shows. The cameramen, tacky TV show host and the interpersonal conflicts are great!"
- Tom J., WA, USA
"What a wonderful storyline, and such a romantic ending!"
- Cathy P., Ontario, CA
"Tropical Treasure is better than all the reality TV shows put together!"
- Jennifer M., FL, USA

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